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Is giving back on your list of 2020 resolutions, but you’re not quite sure how to go about volunteering? Fortunately, SN can help make this a reality with its January issue—the first of the decade! Volunteering opportunities abound—they can be found just about anywhere from directly in your community to the deepest regions of cyberspace. You can lead a scout troop, read to hospital patients, help natural disaster victims or walk shelter dogs. Without leaving the comfort of your own home, you can provide marketing strategies to a non-profit, design a website, manage email marketing, develop an app and so much more. There is a volunteer opportunity for just about anyone! But do you know how to find an opportunity that’s right for you? (And are there roadblocks stopping you from giving your time?)

In addition to giving back to others, volunteering can help us, too. In fact, the act of giving back has a host of health benefits. But after you’ve signed up to coach Little League, serve at the food bank or work at the local theater, you may be feeling burnt out. Should you find yourself overstretched with volunteer responsibilities, discover some ways to cope.

Check out SN’s January issue to find inspiration and motivation to volunteer through the stories of SNA members who are doing just that. From foster dog parent to Red Cross rescue mission leader, members share anecdotes of why and how they give back and how it’s impacted their lives.

Check Out:

RX: Volunteering

I Want to Volunteer, But…

How to be a Virtual Do-Gooder

Factors in Finding the Right Fit

Where Can I Find Volunteer Opportunities?

Five Signs You’re Burned Out on Volunteering

Also in This Issue:

As a manager, have you set the standards for your team, and are they buying into the shared goal? Are you nurturing their full potential? Sometimes, managers overlook these duties and by falling into these mistakes—and others—they are creating a dysfunctional environment for their staff and their team. Learn several common managerial mistakes and how to correct them.

Coming Next Month in School Nutrition:

While we may not have robot maids and flying cars, today’s technology is certainly getting more advanced in school foodservice and in our personal lives. Online ordering has impacted foodservice operations and tech innovations have boosted equipment, food processing, packaging and more. And our smartphones seem to be getting smarter and smarter. Tech advances have changed life as we know it—for both good and bad. 

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