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The prospect of a cafeteria renovation or redesign can be intimidating, but the opportunity to give your space a much needed refresh is exciting, too! In order to keep your operation running smoothly—and keep up with the evolving tastes of your customers—being open to change and staying informed on what's new in school foodservice is vital.

This issue of School Nutrition explores how you can change your cafeteria, and your program overall, for the better. You'll find tips on how to tackle a cafeteria redesign (regardless of your budget), discover ideas on how to refresh your menu and hear from other school nutrition profressionals about their most desired prodcuts, tools, décor and equipment to inspire your future cafeteria upgrades.

Whether you're always excited about change or just warming up to the idea, the articles in this issue will help you be prepared and inspired to tackle whatever is on your wish list and your to-do list.

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Meet Mayonette “Mo” Salter, Assistant Director, Child Nutrition, Elmore County (Ala.) School District.

Mayonette Salter

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