STEPS Challenge

SNA's STEPS wellness program was specifically created for you—the nation's school nutrition professionals. Here, you’ll gain access to wellness information, healthy recipe ideas, exercise and fitness tips and more. SNA's STEPS wellness program is sponsored by Jennie-O.

Become a STEPS Champion!

Encourage others to become part of the Strive to Thrive tribe and share your activities and photos on social media to be recognized as a STEPS Champion!


STEPS Strive to Thrive Wellness App

Reconnect with daily activities to keep you energized and motivated in today’s world and participate in some friendly competition with your peers for fun prizes using the Strive to Thrive app!

Quarterly Challenges and Bonus Activities

Each quarter offers a new challenge and bonus activities including meditation and gratitude journaling to boost your steps!


STEPS Challenge Prizes

Participate in each quarterly challenge for your chance to win prizes!

Tips and Suggestions

Want to get moving, but not sure where to begin? Whether you start walking more, increase activity with your family or even just take a 10-minute workday break to stretch, little changes can make a big difference and give you more energy!


STEPS Ambassador Program

What does a STEPS Champion do? Exactly what you do now: Stay active and help us spread the word! We are looking for steppers to be ambassadors for the STEPS program who we can recognize as our champion steppers!

Post your activities, progress and videos with yourself and any fellow steppers on social media and tag SNA on  Facebook,  Twitter and  Instagram. Use the hashtags #STEPSChampion and #Strive2Thrive, and we may share your content on social or in SN Magazine!

Become a STEPS Champion!

Let's Share and Recruit!
“I enjoy exercising a lot. I am actually on a streak of 200 days of 10,000 steps of more each day.  I walk a lot, play a lot of pickleball.  Also bike ride and paddle board. Have always been active all of my life. The Strive to Thrive Wellness really keeps me on track and it is helpful in making me get out there to exercise.  It's wonderful to see a lot of people signed up to do this challenge.”

Louise T, Kitchen Manager, Falmouth Middle School, ME


“I am so excited about this (prize)!  I have participated since it (STEPS Challenges) began, it truly motivates me to get my 10,500 steps per day! I work for Stark County Schools in Ohio and participate in CACFP and SSO. Thank you so much!”

Debbie Douglass Roth, Early Childhood Nutritionist, Stark County ESC, OH


“I have enjoyed the (STEPS Challenge) process and continue to get moving!”

Teresa Lucas, Coordinator Program Management, Loudoun County Public Schools, VA

Headshot of Teresa Lucas

“My thanks to SNA...(I’ve) been a member for 22 years!”

Michelle Puckett, School Nutrition Director, KIPP ENC Public Schools, NC

Headshot of Michelle Puckett

Take Action: Join SNA Strive to Thrive!

Participate in some friendly competition with your peers and join in the fun activities. If you have any questions, contact the support team here or email

Quarterly Challenges

How It Works

Download the SNA Strive to Thrive App to track your STEPS using your device of choice—a FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin or the step tracker in your smartphone via Apple Health or Google Fit. Your steps will automatically be uploaded into the Strive to Thrive Leaderboard, which will automatically update with the current STEPS quarterly challenge leaders.

The App will also offer bonus activities that you can use to boost your STEPS each month—including meditation and gratitude journaling. Each challenge will feature an official STEPS goal set by SNA. Post your activities and progress on social media to help spread the word and use the hashtag #SNAStrive2Thrive—we may share your content!


Embrace the arrival of 2024 with a renewed focus on your well-being as we embark on SNA's first quarter "Fresh Start, Fresh Outlook" wellness challenges, beginning on January 15 to March 31, 2024. It's a collective journey where we lean on each other for motivation, dedicated to achieving our health and wellness goals while ensuring top-notch meals for students nationwide.

Take a moment to be present, recharge, and inject those extra steps into your daily routine. Engaging in physical activity not only boosts physical health but also works wonders for your mental well-being. Join us in a spectrum of health-boosting activities for your body, mind, and spirit – let's stride together towards thriving!

STEPS Challenge Prizes

Ready for a chance to win? Participate in the SNA Strive to Thrive STEPS wellness challenges! Hit or surpass any of the official SNA wellness challenge goals, and you will automatically toss your name into the hat for some awesome prizes.

Every month, we will draw a lucky winner at random, and the grand-prize winner at the end of the quarter will strut away with a gift card worth up to $150. Don't miss out on the fun – get ready to thrive!

Please Note:

The SNA Strive to Thrive STEPS Challenges are open to all SNA members. However, only members that are employed by a school district/school nutrition operation are eligible to receive prizes.

Tips and Suggestions

Moving more is one of the best things you can do for your health—but we know it's not easy to get started! Check out some of our top tips for starting a fitness routine, as well as other ideas from around the web.

  • Check in with your doctor. A quick visit with your health care provider can alert you to any health problems or conditions that could put you at risk for an injury during exercise.
  • Start slowly. Strive to Thrive is all about taking the little steps to a healthier lifestyle, but going too fast can be risky. Gradually introduce exercise into your daily routine, only increasing the frequency and intensity once you feel ready and safe.
  • Make it a habit. Consistency is key. Schedule a little bit of time each day for physical activity until it feels like a regular part of your daily routine.

Need ideas and strategies? Check out these articles:

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