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It’s easy to understand why so many people like to stay in their comfort zones. It’s safe and predictable. It’s easier to control. But it’s also very limiting. Sticking with the same routines, hobbies and ways of thinking might be comfortable, but it won't give you the chance to learn and grow in the way you need to.

Trying something new—whether that means taking on a new position at work or simply serving something you've never tried before on the breakfast menu—will help you discover new things about yourself and grow as a person, both professionally and personally. In this issue of School Nutrition, SNA's new president Shannon Gleave will share her insight on why stepping out of your comfort zone is so important, plus you'll find advice from new school foodservice directors, a guide to understanding your communication style, an introduction to global breakfast foods that might be new to you and your students and more.

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Meet Johnna Jenkins, Director of Child Nutrition Services, Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District, California

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