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Many of us see the new year as an opportunity to commit to bettering ourselves. Each year, the first of January provides a metaphorical fresh start, with new opportunities, experiences and changes on the horizon. Of course, that also paves the way for new challenges and turmoil down the road—but what if you could get ahead of those future stressors before they overwhelm you?

In this issue of School Nutrition, we’re focusing on exactly that. You’ll find tips on stress prevention, so you can head into the new year prepared to overcome or avoid potential stressors before they drag you too far down. And for the times when stress is unavoidable, you’ll find strategies to manage common sources of stress and plenty of healthy habits that will help you recover from the negative effects stress has on your mental and physical health.

Whether your personal resolutions for this year are plentiful or few and far between, prioritizing stress reduction is worth it. Trust us—your future self will thank you!

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