Are you ready to grow your career and be seen as a K-12 school nutrition leader?

Open up new opportunities and demonstrate your professionalism by earning a School Nutrition Specialist Credential or Certificate in School Nutrition. Whether you’re pursuing one of the four levels of the Certificate Program or sitting for the Credentialing exam, these pathways help you achieve the professional growth you deserve.

Certificate Program

Demonstrate your commitment to your profession while increasing your knowledge of food safety and nutrition. Learn how you can better meet the needs of your students by achieving your Certificate in School Nutrition.

Credentialing Program

Managing a school nutrition program today is more complex and demanding than it has ever been. Set yourself apart by demonstrating expertise and excellence with a School Nutrition Specialist Credential.

SNS Preparation Central

There’s no need to be daunted by the prospect of earning an SNS credential—not when you have SNA-developed resources at your disposal! Check out SNA’s guides, tips and tricks to ensure you sit down to the exam feeling prepared.

CEU Approval Program

If you have the knowledge and professionalism to empower others in their career advancement, apply to offer a SNA-approved course, and get started helping today.