SNA produces a variety of publications to help you learn about the field of school nutrition.

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2020 Compensation & Benefits Report

The report summarizes findings from a survey conducted from October 2019 – December 2019, with director-level SNA members from 1,042 unique school districts nationwide. It includes data on staff counts and turnover, human resources challenges, budgets, certification and credentialing, and compensation and benefits. The Executive Summary of the report is available for free to SNA members.

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Little Big Fact Book: The 2019 Essential Guide to School Nutrition

SNA’s Little Big Fact Book is a valuable, easy-to-use reference booklet with critical information about school nutrition programs in a compact resource. It features facts about federal programs, USDA Foods, the school market and a variety of hot topics. It is designed to assist foodservice directors/managers, school administrators, foodservice brokers, marketing/sales teams, state/national legislators and the media understand the complex school nutrition business.

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School Nutrition Operations Report: The State of School Nutrition 2018

The 2018 report benchmarks the operational practices of school nutrition programs. The report includes information on meal prices, participation rates, lunch and breakfast venues, nutrition education initiatives, food and beverage trend as well as plans related to construction and equipment purchases from more than 1,500 school nutrition directors. The Executive Summary of the report is available for free to SNA members.

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School Nutrition Specialist Credentialing Exam Study Guide – 2023 Edition

The purpose of this study guide is to help you prepare and assess your readiness for the School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) credentialing exam. Individuals who earn the SNS credential demonstrate the knowledge and competencies necessary to manage school nutrition programs in today’s challenging climate.

Note: Using this study guide alone will not guarantee to pass the SNS exam. The guide will direct you to content and resources that will help you prepare.

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School Food and Nutrition Service Management for the 21st Century – 6th Edition

Authors: Dot Pannell-Martin & Julie A Boettger

The newly updated 6th Edition of this comprehensive textbook is THE go-to reference book for those working in the field of school nutrition. The book is a key resource for SNS exam preparation and includes chapters on current regulations, financial management, menu planning and nutrition, human resources, equipment and facilities planning, procurement, production management, food safety, technology and marketing. Each chapter opens with a story from a school nutrition practitioner describing how the subject applies to their career.

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