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From peanut allergies to lactose intolerance, vegetarian to vegan, kosher to halal and everything in between, you're bound to have some students who require special diets, and accommodating all those diverse dietary needs in your cafeteria can feel like a lot to understand and plan for—which is why we're here to help!

Embracing special diets will go a long way in making your cafeteria a safe and welcoming space where all students can get the healthy food they need to succeed, and this issue includes all valuable insights on how you can make those accommodations in a school nutrition setting. Inside you'll find an overview of religious diets, advice from experienced school nutrition professionals on how to manage special diets, a Q & A with a chef about "plant-forward" menus, a guide to important special diet definitions and vocabulary and more.

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Meet Erin Coleman, RD, Child Nutrition Director, Perry Township School District.

Erin Coleman

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