March/April 2024

Let’s Eat — Special Food Edition

In our annual Special Food Edition, we’re offering all kinds of inspiration to ensure your menu never feels stale or bland. Keep your students engaged with new dishes, including some they’ve never heard of before or some you’ve thought weren’t possible within your program’s restrictions.

Log into your SNA account and take a look at our coverage found in the March/April 2024 edition of School Nutrition. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Creating a Culturally Relevant Cafeteria: Learn how you can plan a menu reflecting many cultures that may otherwise be marginalized while still working within your cafeteria’s constraints—and respecting the culture at the same time.
  • We Want to Make THAT: Great recipes are all around you, but they’re not all suited to school menus. We’re sharing strategies you can use to adapt any recipe you find to serve a crowd, meet nutrition standards and still be practical.
  • Do Robots Know About Cafeteria Food?: School foodservice is among the many industries that can benefit from the AI boom, from using this tool to adapt recipes to brainstorming menu ideas or even summarizing complicated topics.
  • A Fine Kettle of Fish: Sea to School programs are making fish and seafood more accessible for cafeterias, so it’s easier than ever to get kids hooked on these nutritious options.
  • Food Focus: Savoring the Sweet Potential of Strawberries: Expand your thinking of cooking or baking with strawberries to include not only sweet dishes but also savory and spicy ones as well.
Cover of SN's March/April 2024 issue

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