SNA Past Presidents

President   Period of Service   State  
Gay Anderson, SNS 2018-20 South Dakota
Lynn Harvey, EdD, RDN, SNS 2017-18 North Carolina
Becky Domokos-Bays, PhD, RD, SNS 2016-17 Virginia
Jean Ronnei, SNS 2015-16 Minnesota
Julia Bauscher, SNS 2014-15 Kentucky
Leah Schmidt, SNS 2013-14 Missouri
Sandra Ford, SNS 2012-13 Florida
Helen Phillips, SNS 2011-12 Virginia
Nancy Rice, SNS 2010-11 Georgia
Dora Rivas, SNS 2009-10 Texas
Katie Wilson, PhD, SNS 2008-09 Wisconsin
Mary Hill, SNS 2007-08 Mississippi
Janey Thornton, PhD, SNS 2006-07 Kentucky
Ruth Jonen, SNS 2005-06 Illinois
Karen Johnson, SNS 2004-05 Arizona
Donna Wittrock, SNS 2003-04 Colorado
Gaye Lynn MacDonald, SNS 2002-03 Washington
Marcia L. Smith, PhD, SNS 2001-02 Florida
Marilyn Hurt, SNS 2000-01 Wisconsin
Phyllis M. Griffith, SNS 1999-00 Ohio
Martha C. Hill, SNS 1998-99 West Virginia
Melinda S. Turner, SNS 1997-98 Kentucky
Janet H. Bantly 1996-97 Connecticut
Penny McConnell, SNS 1995-96 Virginia
Vivian Pilant, PhD, SNS* 1994-95 South Carolina
Dorothy Caldwell 1993-94 Arkansas
Elizabeth McPherson* 1992-93 North Carolina
Sue Greig* 1991-92 Kansas
Anne Gennings 1990-91 New York
Beverly Lowe, SNS 1989-90 Virginia
Shirley Watkins 1988-89 Tennessee
Jane Wynn 1987-88 Florida
Thelma Becker* 1986-87 Pennsylvania
Sharon Gibson Barksdale 1985-86 Missouri
Nancye Perry* 1984-85 Connecticut
Betty Bender* 1983-84 Ohio
Clarice Higgins 1982-83 Florida
Gertrude Applebaum 1981-82 Texas
Mary Nix 1980-81 Georgia
Betty Harney* 1979-80 Colorado
Johanna McCabe 1978-79 New Jersey
Gene White, SNS 1977-78 California
Josephine Martin, PhD 1976-77 Georgia
Elsie King* 1975-76 Arizona
Helen Walker* 1974-75 Florida
Lucille Barnett 1973-74 South Carolina
Louise Sublette* 1972-73 Tennessee
Norman Mitchell* 1971-72 Arizona
Virginia Farley* 1970-71 Indiana
Helen McGee* 1969-70 Oklahoma
Helen Myers* 1968-69 Ohio
Marion Cronan* 1967-68 Massachusetts
Doris Ann Howell 1966-67 Texas
George Mueller* 1965-66 Missouri
Mary Griffin* 1964-65 New Jersey
Helen Diehl* 1963-64 New York
Gerald Ramsey* 1962-63 Texas
David Page* 1961-62 Missouri
Ruth Cutter* 1960-61 New Hampshire
Elizabeth Goodman* 1959-60 Minnesota
Anne Maley* 1958-59 North Carolina
Harvey Allen* 1957-58 New York
Evelyn Smithers* 1956-57 Louisiana
Josephine Morris* 1955-56 California
Edith Cushman Blakely* 1954-55 Connecticut
Margaret Prentice* 1953-54 New York
Eva Hurley* 1952-53 Missouri
Ruth Wood Williams* 1951-52 California
Winning Pendergast* 1950-51 Michigan
Thelma Flanagan* 1949-50 Florida
Mary DeGarmo Bryan* 1948-49 New York
Betsy Curtis* 1947-48 Ohio
Constance Hart* 1946-47 New York


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