SNA Committees and Councils

Leadership Development Committee

What is the Leadership Development Committee? The Leadership Development Committee supports SNA’s mission and vision by identifying and recruiting potential…

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Membership Committee

What is the Membership Committee? The Membership Committee has the responsibility to provide input and suggestions regarding SNA membership. The…

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Nutrition & Research Committee

What is the Nutrition & Research Committee? The Nutrition & Research Committee supports SNA’s mission and vision by evaluating, interpreting…

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Professional Development Committee

What is the Professional Development Committee? The Professional Development Committee supports SNA’s mission and vision by assessing and prioritizing the…

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Public Policy & Legislation Committee

What is the Public Policy & Legislation Committee? The Public Policy & Legislation Committee (PPL) supports SNA’s mission and vision…

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Resolutions & Bylaws Committee

What is the Resolution & Bylaws Committee? The Resolutions and Bylaws Committee reviews SNA’s current Bylaws annually to ensure the…

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Finance Committee

What is the Finance Committee? The Finance Committee reviews and approves SNA’s proposed annual budget, as well as the financial…

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Political Action Committee

What is the Political Action Committee? The SNA PAC works to support Congressional members that are involved and passionate about…

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Industry Advisory Council

What is the Industry Advisory Council? The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) supports SNA’s mission and vision by providing input and…

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Certificate & Credentialing Governing Council

What is the Certificate & Credentialing Governing Council? The Certificate & Credentialing Governing Council operates autonomously from the SNA Board…

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Membership Section Advisors

Membership Section Advisors help represent the needs and interests of the section they represent.

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State Agency Advisory Council

What is the State Agency Advisory Council? The State Agency Advisory Council supports SNA’s mission and vision by providing expert…

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About SNA Committees and Councils

How are Committees' and Councils' Work Planned Each Year?

  • Every Committee is provided annual committee charge(s) based on the SNA Strategic Plan and the annual Plan of Action as well as other charges identified by the Board.
  • Each Committee receives the charges every year in mid- to late-September.

How are Committees and Councils Organized?

Each committee is led by an appointed chair who serves for a two-year term. Committee members represent each of the seven SNA regions. Appointments are staggered and each appointment is a two-year term. A Committee is supported by a SNA staff liaison who works with the Chair and committee members.

How Often Do Committees and Councils Meet?

SNA committees will hold a combination of in-person and virtual meetings depending on the workload of the committee. SNA Board policy requires committee members to attend all meetings. The Board has made the decision to not hold Fall Committee Days in person this year. Instead, all committees will meet virtually through the end of 2021. No decision has been made regarding whether in-person meetings will resume in 2022.

Who Pays Committee and Council Member Travel Expenses?

Should in-person meetings resume, SNA would pay for all the travel, hotel, and meal expenses for operator committee members to attend the meetings. A travel policy will be provided if/when in-person meetings resume. SNA does not cover the airline and hotel costs for industry committee members to attend the in-person meetings. This is a common practice for professional associations.

Joining a Committee or Council

General SNA Committee/Council Member Position Description and Responsibilities

Position Description:

Committee/Council members are appointed by the SNA President-elect, and report to the Committee/Council Chair regarding committee activities. Committee/Council members must actively participate in the work of the committee/council, provide thoughtful input to deliberations, focus on the best interest of SNA and the membership, and work toward the accomplishment of the goals outlined by the committee/council for the year.

General Responsibilities: 

  • SNA Board policy requires committee/council members to attend all meetings.
    • The Committee/Council Chair and Staff Liaison must be notified by email if you cannot
      attend a meeting.
    • The SNA President has the discretion, working with the Chair and the Staff Liaison, to
      remove committee/council members from the Committee/Council for any reason,
      including non-attendance.
  • Actively participate on the committee/council or work groups within the committee/council.
  • Accepts and completes assignments as requested.
  • Promotes volunteer involvement.
  • Maintain an understanding of activities, discussions, and programs.
  • Responds promptly to correspondence and information requests from the Chair, Staff Liaison, or other members within the committee/council.
  • Represents SNA in other meetings, as requested.
  • Maintain a current “in good standing” membership in SNA, as well as an active certificate or credential during the committee/council term. Only Industry members are not required to have an active certificate or credential.
  • Inform the Chair and Staff Liaison if personal or professional circumstances prohibit the completion of the duties and responsibilities listed above.

What, if Any, SNA Policies do I Have to Adhere to as a Committee/Council Member?

Please review the Standards of Business Conduct/Conflict of Interest Policy and requirements for
committee members.

If there are any questions, please contact the following SNA staff:

Patricia Montague, FASAE, CAE
SNA Chief Executive Officer
(703) 824-3043

Rhea Steele, CAE
SNA Chief of Staff
(703) 824-3017