About the State Agency Advisory Council

What is the State Agency Advisory Council?

The State Agency Advisory Council supports SNA’s mission and vision by providing expert knowledge on the inner workings of school nutrition programs at the state level. The Council provides guidance and insight into how to manage and implement the federal child nutrition programs at the state level and interprets federal and state policies operating in all states and territories.

What are the Council Responsibilities?

  • Shares viewpoints on federal child nutrition program issues and positions.
  • Identifies and highlights regulatory areas of importance in a timely manner.
  • Assist in developing pre-conference, State Agency and USDA sessions at SNA conferences.
  • Serves as a liaison between SNA and states and territories in their region.
  • Assist in development of a state agency newsletter.

Meet Our Members

Headshot of Lena Wilson
Lena Wilson, MS, RD, SNS
Texas DOA
Austin, TX
Headshot of Vonda Cooke
Mid-Atlantic Representative
Vonda Cooke, MS, RD
Pennsylvania DOE
Harrisburg, PA
Midwest Representative
Brigette Hires, PhD, RD, LD
Ohio DOE
Columbus, OH
Headshot of Robert Leshin
Northeast Representative
Robert Leshin, MPA
Massachusetts DOE
Malden, MA
Headshot of Brehan Riley
Mountain Plains Representative
Brehan Riley, MS, RD, SNS
Colorado DOE
Denver, CO
Headshot of Mike Bishop
Southeast Representative
Mike Bishop, SNS
Tennessee DOE
Bartlett, TN
Headshot of Melissa Conner
Southwest Representative
Melissa Conner
Arizona DOE
Phoenix, AZ
Headshot of Sharlene Wong
West Rep.
Sharlene Wong, SNS
Hawaii Child Nutrition Programs
Honolulu, HI
Headshot of C Burkhardt
Board Advisor
Chris Burkhardt, SNS
Cincinnati Public Schools
Cincinnati, OH
Staff Advisor
Nadia Davis
School Nutrition Assoc.
Arlington, VA