Resources for Revisiting Recess Before Lunch

In “Revisiting Recess Before Lunch,” June/July 2018’s “To Your Credit” article, Dayle Hayes, MS, RD, covers a radical scheduling concept that makes a switcheroo in the school day in order to improve learning—among other benefits. Hayes, a school nutrition and social media consultant, knows that plenty of United Stated government agencies and other national organization are in full-support of Recess Before Lunch, and even list it as a best practice. In this Bonus Web Content, SN provides you with links to those government organizations; there you’ll find detailed information and resources for implementing this scheduling concept.

In addition, SN has included a bibliography of recent research to help facilitate your understanding of this program-altering, child-serving initiative.

National Support

A long list of U.S. governmental agencies and other national organizations support Recess Before Lunch as a best practice. The ones listed below provide detailed information and resources for implementing RBL:


The following research articles have been published since the previous version of the Montana Recess Before Lunch Guide.

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  • Chapman LE, Cohen JFW, Canterberry M, Carton TW. Factors Associated with School Lunch Consumption: Reverse Recess and School “Brunch”. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2017 Sep;117(9):1413-1418.

Other Resources

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