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The August 2018 issue of SN was all about your brand—your logo, identity. The strategies you employ and designs you market to elicit trust from consumers and ensure that they return to you, day after day. In her article, “Rebrand & Refresh,” Freelance Writer Duffy Perkins asserts that those strategies and designs, even if effective, grow stale and dated. She provides examples from directors experienced with the process of rebranding (like Rae Hollenbeck, SNS, director of School Nutrition Services for the School District of Osceola County, Florida, and Linette Dodson, director of school nutrition, PhD, RD, LD, SNS, Carrollton City (Ga.) Schools) to give you a feel for how the process can invigorate your school meals program. Reade below for some additional tips from these directors who are in-the-know.

Lo-Go for It

As important as the brand is within the cafeteria, the brand’s presence outside the cafeteria is equally important. A logo can be adopted into different formats, which enables communication on different platforms. The new logo can appear on letterhead, a baseball cap or even a vehicle.

“Our marketing director gave us four different versions of our logo to adapt and use in different applications,” says Dodson. “We have different versions of the same logo on the food truck, letterhead, district shirts, etc. It’s been a nice feature to have those options instead of having just the one logo.”

Listen to the People

One way to get your whole team on board—from cafeteria workers to all the way up the administrative chain—is to involve them in focus groups. To get rid of the inherited “scary apple” logo (pictured in the article), Hollenbeck solicited the opinions of those who already had a love-or-hate relationship with the image. “We brought a bunch of the prototype logos in front of staff and used them as focus groups. I read the looks on their faces, and the words they came up with to describe their associations,” she says. “Nobody’s ideas were stupid; we just listened and brainstormed until we reached a consensus.”

Dodson also used a collaborative process to make sure inclusion was at the heart of her rebranding. “We regularly met with our marketing director, our whole school nutrition staff, and we took it back to staff members for their thoughts,” she recalls. “We tried to include students, staff, the superintendent and principles in all of our decisions so that the logo would reflect their interests as much as ours.”  

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