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At-Risk Faces Are Not Hopeless Cases

School nutrition professionals aim to make a difference in the life of every child, but some are more in need of a healthy meal and caring adult than others. In the March issue of School Nutrition, take a closer look at the stories behind at-risk children, whether it’s because they have a parent in jail, have substance abuse problems, live on the street or deal with another difficult situation.

  • Home Sweet Street. When kids are on their own with no place to call home, they need support that offers both safety and a preservation of their pride.
  • Paying the Price. When a parent goes to prison, the children left behind are faced with their own version of “hard time.”
  • Taking Refuge. Learn how the United States welcomes it most vulnerable new residents.
  • Prescription for Prevention. Raise your awareness about drugs and alcohol abuse among today’s teens.

BONUS WEB CONTENT: Get resources on how to address the needs of students with substance abuse problems.

  • Be Somebody as Someone’s Buddy. Many at-risk kids will blossom with a little focused attention from a caring adult outside the family. Consider volunteering with a formal or informal mentoring program.

BONUS WEB CONTENT: Learn more about mentoring programs and opportunities, including answers to common concerns and a list of national organizations and resources.

Also in this issue: For the second year in a row, Ruby Reader roamed the USA! Check out the fun photos of her travels. Also, Food Focus shows off how cauliflower, “the great pretender,” can be a healthy substitute for a number of starchy foods.

Coming Next Month in School Nutrition: As you prepare for 2016 National School Lunch Week and 2017 National School Breakfast Week, learn how you can unleash the creative powers of you and your colleagues. 

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