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Your job as a school nutrition professional is about more than serving nutritious meals to students—it’s also about using the right equipment and performing the necessary maintenance on these vital pieces of equipment. The January issue of School Nutrition, SNA’s award-winning flagship publication, examines how equipment fits into the overall school nutrition operation, as well as highlights operators’ experiences with various aspects of the equipment management process.

Make sure that you make the right decision when purchasing equipment by making sure that you are doing the research through asking the right questions. Discover the right questions and the corresponding points to consider in Pop Quiz!

Menu decisions in K-12 school nutrition operations are, to a significant degree, dictated by the preparation and service equipment you have available. School nutrition professionals share their experiences regarding the important role that equipment has on school menus in Which Comes First? The Apple or the Appliance? 

Bonus Web Content: Mission: Readiness is a nonprofit, nonpartisan national security organization led by more than 250 retired generals, admirals and other senior military leaders who are calling for smart investments in the next generation of American children, including increased access to healthier school meals. Read some of the thoughts leaders of this group have about the link between equipment and the school menu.

Learn more about the part that the investment in equipment plays in central production decisions in Kitchen Open or Kitchen Closed? Operators from school districts around the country discuss the decisions that they have made to open or close central kitchens.

Preventive maintenance is essential to keeping equipment used in school nutrition operations running properly, efficiently and for the long haul. ’Tis Better to Spare a Care Than to Despair and Repair takes a look at what you can do to maximize the life of your tools of the trade.

A taco renaissance is taking the nation—and its schools—by storm. Find out the details in !Viva el Taco¡. 

Bonus Web Content: This issue of School Nutrition includes the debut of a new regular Food Focus feature: Kitchen Wisdom Says… is a highlighted recipe that has been reviewed, modified and/or tested by members of the magazine’s new corps of “Kitchen Wisdom” volunteers. Don’t miss a suggested modified version of the highlighted recipe.

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