Foodservice worker using a sectionizer to slice an apple

All Things Great and Small

K-12 operators share favorite equipment that may be short in physical stature but colossal in impact. It’s easy to point out the equipment workhorses of a school kitchen—they’re the large,…

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Listen Better to Lead Better

Tune in and tune up your active listening skills to effectively manage and resolve conflict. If you live with adolescents as I do, you’re probably all too familiar with the…

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Brave woman keeps arms on hips, smiling confident, casting a superhero with cape shadow on the wall. Ambition and business success concept. Leadership hero power, motivation and inner strength symbol.

You’ve Got Style! (But Do You Know What It Is?)

Sign Into Your SNA Account This page is for SNA members. Not a member? Join today! If you’re having trouble logging into your account, contact the SNA Service Center. Member…

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The Middle Way

Don’t let organizational hierarchy limit pursuit of your leadership potential. Leaders from the middle—or anywhere along the spectrum of a group or organization—are highly valuable contributors to successful teams. “Follow…

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Break Through the Bias Bottleneck

Let’s commit to building more diverse and inclusive teams. The English language is extremely colorful and descriptive, but it can be quite the challenge to learn, especially when trying to…

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Today, We Celebrate

National cultural heritage and history observances and events matter. Here’s why. Even if you were born in America—even if you consider yourself an American above all other things—everyone has a…

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Unpacking the Fundamentals of DEI

Embracing differences with understanding, awareness, empathy and inclusion. It’s at once complex and common sense. At the core, it’s very simple, yet still requires a commitment to hard work. Everyone…

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Going Down in Flames?

Don’t let burnout threaten to extinguish your passions—especially for the kids you serve. So Tired. A week before Christmas, one of the prevailing sentiments shared by individual school nutrition professionals…

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Woman coloring in an adult coloring book

7 Products to Soothe the Soul

Self-care support isn’t always a matter of adopting new behaviors. Sometimes, it’s delivered by Amazon. In certain circumstances, feeling anxious can be a good thing—anxiety is an instinctual way of…

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Group of women doing stretches and meditation

16 Research-Backed Ways to Practice Self-Care

You can’t control much these days, but you can make changes that will help you to take better care of yourself. Interest in self-care tactics has been on an upswing,…

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