What’s Your Why?

Answer this question—and a few others—and begin a journey to develop, strengthen or refresh your school meal program’s brand. Among all the trivia and Wordle scores and political memes of…

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From Mind to Menu

I don’t cook. But like an increasing number of Americans, I’m fascinated by TV’s endless schedule of culinary competitions. We’re captivated by the challenges of the Chopped basket, the crazy…

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Scrumptious Scraps?

Sustainability—the practice of using natural resources responsibly today, so they are available for future generations—is a topic on everybody’s mind. It’s more than “conserving” our resources by using less of…

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Are LTOs a GO in Your Cafeteria?

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Allergy food concept. Allergy food as almonds, milk, pistachios, tomato, lemon, kiwi, trout, strawberry, bread, sesame seeds, eggs, peanuts and bean on wooden table

Plan, Don’t Ban

It’s a scenario that nobody wants to even contemplate, never mind experience: A school, working with the best of intentions, implements a ban prohibiting foods that contain peanuts, one of…

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Young excited smiling girl student holding blank yellow speech cloud in hand and showing thumbs up gesture. Isolated over pastel pink background.

Perfect Pitch

How to present your killer idea to an idea killer—and get them to change their tune! Everyone knows an idea killer. You might call them a naysayer, a stick-in-the-mud, a…

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Many light bulbs drawn on blue and pink adhesive notes

Let Your Imagination Take Flight!

Everyone is creative—a little practice will help build your skills and confidence. You might be a whiz at programming the combi oven to cook hamburgers to perfection, or perhaps you…

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Shannon Ebron posing with her book "Check-in & Color - A coloring book & gratitude journal for school nutrition professionals"

From “What if?” to “WOW!”

The inspiring story of how one woman’s fearless foray into self-publishing led to a pay-it-forward chain of restorative creativity. “I really wanted to write a children’s book,” recounts Shannon Ebron,…

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"FAME Awards"

Imagi-FAME-tion in Action

Following the path from imagination to innovation—reflections from the 2023 FAME winners. There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach to running a school meals operation. Every district has distinctive…

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Young woman thinking and looking up, isolated on green studio background

Just Imagine…

You do it all the time, even if you don’t realize it. You imagine the delighted expression of the student who gets the special Lucky Tray giveaway. You imagine the…

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