Graphic depicting five people holding gears and puzzle pieces, symbolizing learning or training

Train Smarter, Not Harder!

Hear from several members of SNF’s Cadre of Trainers to learn their favorite tips and tricks for making training (any type of training) fun, engaging and, most importantly, effective.

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A group of four adults sit together at a table with laptops

Teaching & Reaching Adult Learners

Awareness of the fundamental characteristics of adult students can help you develop and deliver effective presentations and training programs. It’s never too late to start incorporating principles about adult learning into your educational content and presentations.

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graphic of three people working in an office

Training Your Talented Teams Today

Supporting staff with opportunities to build their skills, grow their knowledge and raise their awareness—a process referred to as “talent development”—will benefit your operation in a multitude of ways.

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Are You Ready to LEAD to Succeed?

Eight things you need to know about LEAD to Succeed—the series of trainings available to all school nutrition professionals for free.

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Man of the People

Get to Know Chris Derico, SNA President 2023–24 As with many in this profession, SNA President Chris Derico, SNS, never expected to find a career in school nutrition, but it…

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Child looking toward you through magnifying

We See You

A salute to the school nutrition team members who work behind the scenes. They may do their work largely out of sight, but the clerks, accountants, delivery drivers, maintenance crews,…

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Person using a laptop showing the google search page

Beyond Browsing

Maximize your use of free online tools to improve administrative efficiencies. No one likes paperwork, especially when its management consumes a significant portion of the day. And with all the…

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Four people examining documents for a business

Getting Down to Business

A partnership with high school business educators can be a win-win collaboration. Six years ago, when Jean Schneider, MEd, PMP, became Director of the High School of Business program at…

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Student participating in the Guest Chef experience at McHenry School District 15

Yes, Chef!

Unique, exclusive kitchen experiences make a big impact. Elementary students in McHenry School District 15 in Illinois were on their best behavior in SY2022-23, motivated by the opportunity to spend…

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Someone typing on a laptop overlayed with symbols representing marketing strategies and growth

Identify Your Next Marketing Move

Attracting and retaining loyal cafeteria customers is a year-round project. The captive audience concept is a myth. Yes, school lunch periods are short, the cafeteria is close and the competition…

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