Assorted foods in heart-shaped bowls

Put Your Heart in It!

When providing meals for special diet requests, the secret ingredient is a caring attitude.

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Group of six children smiling

Ensuring Dietary Inclusivity: Meet Religious Needs With School Meals

How can you accommodate students who follow special diets for religious reasons? Many school districts across the country have found ways to serve these students and create more inclusive spaces, and if they can do it, so can you!

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Vegetable garden with lettuce planted and a crate of harvested peppers, tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables

Let’s Talk Plant Power!

A Q&A with registered dietitian nutritionist Chef Vahista Ussery, MS, MBA, RDN, on the world of plant-forward diets.

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Graphic of various healthy foods

From A to Z

Your go-to guide for strengthening your special-diets vocabulary: use this glossary of common types of special diets to help build your knowledge and confidence on the wide range of special dietary needs you’re most likely to come across.

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Gertrude Applebaum

Remembering Gertrude Applebaum: An SNA Leader and Pioneer

The School Nutrition Association mourns the loss esteemed past president Gertrude Applebaum, a strong advocate for the advancement of child nutrition programs throughout her career.

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Two ANC attendees pose for a photo

Collaborate and Listen

SNA’s Annual National Conference (#ANC24) is more than just a gathering; it’s a safe, inviting space where you and thousands of your like-minded peers will come together to exchange ideas, build connections and put forth positive changes.

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salmon with lemon slices on a grill

A Fine Kettle of Fish

Discover how Sea to School initiatives help to get kids hooked on the taste and health benefits of fish and seafood, and learn how districts in regions across the country have incorporated more seafood into their school menus.

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Graphic of a robot wearing a chef hat and helping someone prepare food in their ktichen

What Do Robots Know About Cafeteria Food?

Whatever your role in school nutrition, you’ve probably heard that “AI is coming.” Now is the time to at least consider how AI could have a place in your school nutrition program—even if that just means having enough knowledge to decide that AI isn’t for you right now.

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Three kids posing while holding school lunch trays

We Want To Make THAT!

Successfully school-ifying and scaling a recipe is not just about transforming ingredients; it’s about creating a culinary experience that resonates with K-12 students while adhering to nutritional requirements and other operational constraints.

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Collage of six school meals featuring different cuisines

Creating a Culturally Relevant Cafeteria

Learn how you can expand your menus and branch out to serve up more meals from global cuisines to raise awareness about cultural differences and ensure all students feel seen.

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