Someone typing on a laptop overlayed with symbols representing marketing strategies and growth

Identify Your Next Marketing Move

Attracting and retaining loyal cafeteria customers is a year-round project. The captive audience concept is a myth. Yes, school lunch periods are short, the cafeteria is close and the competition…

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Concept of a group of people using social media and texting to communicate

Fear Not the Trolls!

See social media through a new lens, and put it to work for your school meals program.  You’re not using social media to market your school nutrition program?! Why not?…

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Four children posing behind a ring light and phone, recording a TikTok

Let’s TOK About School Nutrition

Learn why and how to tap into TikTok for next-level social media marketing. Unless you’ve been completely unplugged for the past few years (and in that case, more power to…

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SNA Members at SNA's 2022 Annual National Conference

Meet You at the TOP

School nutrition professionals prepare to gather in Denver to “Reach Higher” at #ANC23, connecting, learning and growing toward new heights—together. Sometimes the school nutrition business seems like a never-ending hike…

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SNA's 2022 Annual National Conference's Exhibit Hall

Product Solutions at Their Peak

Visit the ANC Exhibit Hall for unparalleled access to the largest K-12 foodservice marketplace in the country.  Innovative product solutions to address your top school meal challenges are within your…

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What’s Your Why?

Answer this question—and a few others—and begin a journey to develop, strengthen or refresh your school meal program’s brand. Among all the trivia and Wordle scores and political memes of…

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From Mind to Menu

I don’t cook. But like an increasing number of Americans, I’m fascinated by TV’s endless schedule of culinary competitions. We’re captivated by the challenges of the Chopped basket, the crazy…

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Scrumptious Scraps?

Sustainability—the practice of using natural resources responsibly today, so they are available for future generations—is a topic on everybody’s mind. It’s more than “conserving” our resources by using less of…

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Are LTOs a GO in Your Cafeteria?

Sign Into Your SNA Account This page is for SNA members. Not a member? Join today! If you’re having trouble logging into your account, contact the SNA Service Center.

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Allergy food concept. Allergy food as almonds, milk, pistachios, tomato, lemon, kiwi, trout, strawberry, bread, sesame seeds, eggs, peanuts and bean on wooden table

Plan, Don’t Ban

It’s a scenario that nobody wants to even contemplate, never mind experience: A school, working with the best of intentions, implements a ban prohibiting foods that contain peanuts, one of…

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