SNS Credentialing Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ’s


1. Did SNA Update the SNS Credentialing Exam?

A: Yes. SNA’s Specifications and Exam Development committees finalized the update of the SNS Credentialing exam. The new exam is comprised of 200 multiple choice questions and candidates have four hours to complete it. The exam is based on 9 Content/Knowledge Areas.

2. I’m taking the SNS exam! What will I need to study?

A: Individuals taking the SNS Exam need to use the SNS Credentialing Exam Handbook which includes the requirements, content/knowledge areas, exam resource list to prepare for the exam, and application form. The Handbook can be downloaded at

3. Is there a fee for taking the Credentialing Exam?

A: Yes. The application fee for the exam is $200 for members and $295 for non-members. If you are not deemed eligible to sit for the exam or cancel your exam registration, you will receive a refund of the exam application fee minus the processing fee of $50. Those who earn the SNS Credential will pay a yearly maintenance fee. The yearly fee for members is $58 and $153 for non-members. Note that the exam fees are subject to change at anytime.

4. I took the SNS exam, how long will it take for me to receive the results from the exam?

A: The exam is scored by an independent testing vendor and it takes approximately 6-8 weeks after the exam date for the results to be issued. If you have successfully passed the credentialing exam, you are given the designation of SNS as well as a card and certificate displaying the SNS designation. If you fail the exam, you’ll receive a diagnostic report that shows which areas you scored weakest on.

5. I passed the SNS exam, how long is my credentialing renewal period?

A: The credentialing renewal period is every 3 years.

6. My SNS credential is scheduled to expire soon. Do I need to submit CEU documentation?

A: You are only required to submit documentation of 45 CEUs if you are randomly selected for an audit. You will receive your audit notification with your renewal notice. SNA will maintain CEUs for SNA sponsored activities that you attend. You may view and print your SNA transcript by login to MySNA at SNA offers online CEU courses via its Learning Center at SNS professionals can also complete the Professional Development Articles (PDAs) from the School Nutrition magazine online by visiting click on Take an Online PDA Exam.

7. How can my SNA State Affiliate host the SNS Credentialing exam?

A: SNA State Affiliate representatives may contact SNA’s Certification & Credentialing Manager at or (800) 877-8822 for details on hosting the SNS exam.

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