Volume 32, Issue 2, Fall 2008


Volume 32, Issue 2, Fall, 2008

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Reviewer Recognition 


Gradual Incorporation of Whole Wheat Flour into Bread Products for Elementary School Children Improves Whole Grain Intake
Renee Rosen, MS; Lelia Sadeghi; Natalia Schroeder; Marla M. Reicks, PhD, RD; Len Marquart, PhD, RD

Exploring Operational Issues and Practices of School Nutrition Programs in Large School Districts
Mary Frances Nettles, PhD, RD; Deborah H. Carr, PhD, RD; James T. Johnson, PhD; Holly A. Federico, MS, RD

Assessing Nutrition Knowledge and Dietary Habits of Adolescents using Personal Data Assistants
Mary W. Murimi, PhD, LDN, RD; Joanne Guthrie PhD, MPH, RD; Danielle Landry, MS, RD; Mihaela M. Paun, PhD

School Wellness Policy Implementation: Attitudes of School Professionals and Parents in Elementary Schools
Elaine Fontenot Molaison, PhD, RD; Deborah H. Carr, PhD, RD; Holly A. Federico, MS, RD

Validating a Children’s Self-Report Plate Waste Questionnaire
Sarah G. Forrestal, BA; L. Michele Issel, PhD, RN, Frederick J. Kviz, PhD, Noel Chávez, PhD, RD, LDN

In-Classroom Breakfast: Best Practices in Three School Districts
Alice Jo Rainville, PhD, RD, SNS; Deborah H. Carr, PhD, RD


2008 Child Nutrition Showcase Research Abstracts 


NFSMI Summary of Research
Deborah H. Carr, PhD, RD



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