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No two children are alike—and May’s eSN takes a look at the important differences. How else can we meet the needs, dietary or otherwise, of everyone who comes through our schools? This month, we’re exploring all the ways you can do a better job of serving more students.

Whether that’s through being focused on our marketing efforts or celebrating cultural heritage, advocating on behalf of children from marginalized economic backgrounds or getting creative to overcome picky eating, we know that there are all kinds of ways to make the cafeteria a more welcoming place.

  • Going the Extra Mile. You’re not focusing all your marketing efforts on a general demographic of children, are you? Focusing on special groups of students might sound like extra work at first, but it pays off. When you focus your marketing efforts on groups like student athletes, students with non-medical dietary needs, and students in agricultural programs, you could end up increases your overall customer base.
  • Cultural Connections. Even though we’re quickly approaching the last few weeks of the school year, there are still ways to observe Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May. Learn why this cultural observance is so important, especially in our current social climate, and how you can create an enlightening and empowering atmosphere for all students.
  • The Great Return. The last time SNA gathered in person for our annual Legislative Action Conference, it was just as the world was shutting down because of COVID. Two years later, our advocates were back at our nation’s capital, and we have a full recap, including lots of photos you don’t want to miss.
  • Be Bold with Bowls. It’s a quickly growing food trend that lends itself to a variety of cuisine: Bowls can be adapted for any kind of nutritional needs, individual tastes, and even whatever you have on hand. Plus, they’re great for overcoming picky eating and introducing all kinds of healthy foods.

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