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Farewell and Thank You to Josephine Martin. School Nutrition honors and celebrates the life of Dr. Josephine Martin, a towering figure in the child nutrition field. | Read the article

  • In remembrance: “I will always remember Josephine’s wisdom, grace and gentle spirit, as while moving mountains.”—Dora Rivas, 2009-10 SNA President

Stream, Share, Succeed. Show your community stakeholders “the big picture” of your everyday operations with videos shared on social media. Six districts reveal how they did just that. | Read the article

Recording in Progress. Glean seven tips for perfecting your videos from expert Janet Scanlon, SNA’s Digital Marketing Manager. | Read the article

  • Top tip: You can create great videos using your smartphone, as long as you take time to learn more about its camera settings.

Media Alert! When social media misinformation takes hold, control the mayhem by taking control of the message. | Read the article

Mutual Fidelity. Solidify your relationship with K-12 vendors and ensure your partners are providing genuine value by understanding insights about their process. | Read the article

  • You should know: K-12 vendors are challenged by current supply chain disruptions and labor shortages and are working diligently to mitigate the problems by providing operators with a variety of tools and resources.

Grow, Know, Go! Stay on the path of continued learning, despite competing priorities, by challenging yourself to push past fear and discomfort. Read the article

  • Don’t forget: SNA has a whole bunch of resources to support your learning and professional development, including webinars, self-paced training courses, news and social media and, of course, SN magazine.

Myths & Legends: Apple Edition. Is apple pie really that American? Who was Johnny Appleseed? Do apples really keep the doctor away? SN dissects some of the age-old stories behind the popular fruit. | Read the article

Plus, try out this month’s K-12 foodservice recipes:

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