Better-for-You Breakfast Baked Goods

Making recipe tweaks can result in a healthier breakfast option, but beware of potential missteps while baking.

Many baked goods at breakfast can be fairly characterized as desserts in disguise. From fluffy waffles to super-sweet pastries to icing-covered doughnuts, the sugar and fat content is high, the whole-grain ratio is low, and kids and adults alike relish in the fact that they’re getting a treat for the taste buds to start the morning. Of course, when it comes to serving up school breakfast, federal nutrition standards seek to minimize the indulgence factor by mandating that all grains, including flour, be 51% whole grains and setting weekly maximums for saturated fat at 10% of total calories. But this doesn’t have to mean that school breakfast baked goods are a flavor disappointment! There are other tactics school bakers can take to “healthify” a breakfast-time baked good...

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