Watermelon pizza

Savoring the Sweet Potential of Strawberries

Follow the evolution of strawberries, from ancient history to modern times, and discover sweet culinary classics and savory shake-ups. Plus, learn how to incorporate this favorite fruit into your school menus with both familiar and more unique recipes.

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Individual balls of bread dough next to a rolling pin.

Ready to Dough for It?

Unlock your culinary creativity with the versatility of speed-scratch doughs.

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A spread of breakfast foods, including fruit, muffins, pancakes, bacon, oatmeal, eggs and sausage

From Morning to Midday

Breakfast-for-lunch can be a great way to shake things up on your menus. Here we share an abundance of menu suggestions, as well as ideas for activities and promotions to dial up the fun, deliver the unexpected and break up routines.

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Paradise Found

Discover the signature dishes of Hawaiian cuisine and the influences that led to their rise, from tropical fruits and uber-fresh fish to the many uses of SPAM and diverse cuisine mash ups.

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A variety of fruit, nuts and vegetables in measuring cups

Get Smart About Scratch Cooking

Smart Snacks items sold a la carte can be an easy, accessible entry point for implementing or expanding a scratch-prep meal program. While scratch cooking is often recognized as the…

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Egg and cheese casserole in a white baking dish

Fresh Takes on Favorite Bakes

Let comfort classics and contemporary creations earn a place on your menu.  Bakes, those hearty, singular, multiple-ingredient dishes cooked in an oven, are the epitome of comfort food. Every cuisine…

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Chicken Entrées Come Home to Roost

Every year, there’s another new challenge complicating school meal operations. Waivers expire, orders are delayed, staff recruitment lags, new regulations are proposed. One constant in all this is the need…

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Half of a grilled sandwich made with ham, cheese, tomato and avocado

The Thrill of the Grill

The best sandwiches lean on the craveable magic of warm, toasty, melty goodness. I was a very cautious (i.e., picky) eater as a child, and on the infrequent occasions my…

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Warm Up to Chilis, Soups and Stews

‘Tis the season for hearty entrées that deliver classic comfort. Get your ladles ready! It’s the time of year when most of us seek meals that feature “winter- warmers”: foods…

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¡Vamos a Comer! (Let’s Eat!)

Discover and share origins, trivia and details of several classic Mexican dishes—and then, let’s eat! When it comes to extolling the virtues of traditional Mexican food, how do you pick…

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