Half of a grilled sandwich made with ham, cheese, tomato and avocado

The Thrill of the Grill

The best sandwiches lean on the craveable magic of warm, toasty, melty goodness. I was a very cautious (i.e., picky) eater as a child, and on the infrequent occasions my…

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Warm Up to Chilis, Soups and Stews

‘Tis the season for hearty entrées that deliver classic comfort. Get your ladles ready! It’s the time of year when most of us seek meals that feature “winter- warmers”: foods…

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¡Vamos a Comer! (Let’s Eat!)

Discover and share origins, trivia and details of several classic Mexican dishes—and then, let’s eat! When it comes to extolling the virtues of traditional Mexican food, how do you pick…

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Video: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Join School Nutrition magazine’s consulting chef, Rebecca Polson, CC, SNS, to learn how to make a favorite beverage for high-schoolers: Pumpkin Spice Lattes! This upgraded version uses real pumpkin and…

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Pumpkin muffins in muffin papers

A Perfect Pumpkin Primer

Fun facts to help you carve out your fall menu specials and engagement activities. What is a pumpkin? It’s many things! Pumpkins are one of many so-called vegetables that are…

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Southern Comfort

IF YOU’RE A LOVER OF FOOD AND OF EXPLORATION, then it’s likely you already know the joys of discovering (and rediscovering) different signature dishes whenever you’re on the road, finding…

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BLT Breakfast Bowl

Be Bold With Bowls

These one-dish meals are versatile solutions to meet K-12 challenges. Over the last decade, bowls have come a long way from conveying soups, stews, chilis and salads. In the restaurant…

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The Enduring A-Peel of Citrus Fruits

Amp up your awareness of the many delicious varieties available to you and your student customers. It’s easy to see the a-peel (pardon the pun) of citrus fruits: They’re sweet,…

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Hash brown potato muffins

Savor the Morning

Think savory, not sweet, when sketching out your school breakfast menu. Pancakes, French toast, donuts, muffins, fruit parfaits, pastries—the list of sugarysweet breakfast foods is a long one. Sure, these…

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Hands taking slices of pizza

All About Pizza Styles

In “Eatsa Pizza,” featured in School Nutrition’s January/February 2022 issue, author Kelsey Casselbury explores a number of trends that influence pizza’s dominating role in school meal programs—and in American food…

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