On July 7, the USDA announced federal reimbursement rates for SY2023-24 School Year for the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. As of July 1, the base reimbursement rate for each lunch and breakfast served in schools will increase by 8.27%.

However, when compared to the SY2022-23 reimbursements, which included additional funding from the now-expired Keep Kids Fed Act (KKFA), the adjusted rates represent a concerning net decrease. For the upcoming school year, schools in the contiguous states will receive 37 cents less per paid category school lunch and 8 cents less per free and reduced-price school lunch.

USDA is required by law to calculate reimbursement rate increases based on inflation as determined by the Consumer Price Index. Urge your legislators to extend the additional funds provided by KKFA by sending them a message through SNA’s Action Network. 

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