Have you checked out SNA’s Food Allergy Resource Center? Peanuts, milk, shellfish, eggs, soy and wheat are just some of the food allergies that school nutrition professionals must navigate to prepare nutritious meals for students.

We encourage you to equip yourself to keep your school cafeteria safe for all students with some of our featured food allergy resources:

  • The Big Nine: More than 90% of food allergy reactions are attributed to nine common foods. Learn what they are, and how dangerous they can be.
  • Ask the Allergy Expert: Submit your questions to a real allergy expert—or view previous questions and answers on food allergy reactions, treatment and research.
  • Food Allergy FAQ: View our FAQ page to find practical information to help create a safer and more socially comfortable environment for kids with food allergies.
  • CDC Resources: Use this toolkit from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to implement the Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies.
  • Food Allergy Training Courses: Learn the protocol for handling allergic reactions if and when you find yourself in a critical situation in the cafeteria. Find a training course and start learning!

Want to keep learning? Check out SNA’s Food Allergy Resource Center and the overflowing Resource Library to find even more resources to use in your everyday work!

The Food Allergy Resource Center is brought to you by the National Peanut Board.

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