Take the first step in your educational journey at SNA’s Annual National Conference (#ANC24) by registering for one of our 12 Pre-Conference WorkshopsThese sessions (which require additional registration) target all audience types and key areas and range from express options to half-day in-depth workshops. All pre-cons take place on Saturday, July 13


Spotlighted Workshops: 

Team Up for Procurement Success: Your Future is Brighter with Forecasting: Join this interactive session and hear from school nutrition experts and USDA representatives for tips for better forecasting. From planning the menu to serving at mealtime, discover why accurate forecasting will help you be a better customer and receive better service, too. Learn how to receive the best quality food (at a reasonable price) —delivered on time to your district. Make your future brighter with forecasting!

  • Speaker: Kathryn Wilson, PhD, SNS
  • CEUs: 4

Gain Program Balance with Data-Driven Menu Engineering: This session focuses on data-driven menu engineering to achieve desired outcomes and balanced success in all aspects of school nutrition programs including nutrition, finances, operations, and compliance. Participants will learn to use historical data to craft menus meeting nutritional standards (even sodium and added sugars!) while maximizing participation and ensuring financial success.

  • Speakers: Lindsey Hill, RD, SNS and Audrey Banich, RD
  • CEUs: 2

Putting the Procurement Puzzle Together: This pre-con workshop will be a fun, interactive, participatory session on how to be a good customer and a good business partner. Bring your procurement hot buttons and let’s talk it through. You will leave with a better idea of how to prepare a bid that gets you what you want, when you want it and at the best price available.

  • Speakers: Kathryn Wilson, PhD, SNS
  • CEUs: 2


Workshops for Everyone:


Workshops for Targeted Training:


Note: The Meal Service in America’s Oldest Schools: Tour of Boston Public Schools and the Dive into Sea-to-School at the Boston Fish Pier Pre-Conference Workshop is full. Waitlists are available for these sessions.

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