(Stainless) Steel Going Strong

Operators share hints and tips to improve the process of procuring, using, maintaining and replacing school kitchen equipment.

On a list of potential article topics for School Nutrition, kitchen equipment isn’t as much fun as spotlighting creative cafeteria marketing projects or discovering innovative new menu items. It doesn’t have the feel-good quality of farm-to-school initiatives. It lacks the urgency of addressing food allergies, resolving personnel management challenges or sharing revenue-generating best practices. It isn’t as forward-leaning as culinary skills-building or as mission-driven as bridging the hunger gap.

But equipment is as essential and intrinsic to the work of school nutrition professionals as their commitment to feeding kids. Without strategically purchased, well-managed, carefully maintained kitchen equipment, there is no school meals program! This article offers some practical advice to help essential workers make the most of essential tools...

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