All Things Great and Small

K-12 operators share favorite equipment that may be short in physical stature but colossal in impact.

It’s easy to point out the equipment workhorses of a school kitchen—they’re the large, constantly used appliances that are so costly that unless a district is outfitting a brand-new building, the school meal department often must turn to grant funding in order to upgrade or replace them. We’re talking ranges, combis, tilt skillets, steamers, walk-ins, reach-ins, dishmachines and the like. Although those items are vital to foodservice operations, there are other, smaller (and significantly less expensive) appliances that make a huge impact for prep kitchens managing scratch and speed-scratch meals. While these appliances may not be deemed essential the way most bigger pieces of equipment are—although that’s a matter for debate—they certainly make meal preparation easier and more efficient, while also reducing labor costs...

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