Volume 41, Issue 1, Spring 2017

The Journal of Child Nutrition & Management

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Volume 41, Issue 1, Spring 2017

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Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application and Income Verification Practices in School Nutrition Programs in the United States Purpose/Objectives
This study assessed current practices and attitudes of school nutrition program (SNP)management staff regarding free and reduced-price (F-RP) meal application and verification inSNPs.

Junehee Kwon, PhD, RD; Yee Ming Lee, PhD, RD, CHE; Eunhye Park, MS; Yujia Wang, MS; Keith Rushing, PhD, RD

Pairing Fruit and Vegetables to Promote Consumption in Elementary School CafeteriasPurpose/Objectives
This study evaluated a behavioral economic strategy which paired a fresh cold fruit and coldvegetable to increase consumption of vegetables among elementary school children.

Anastasia Snelling, PhD, RD; Constance Newman, PhD; Erin Watts, MPH; Hugo Van Dyke, MS: Elizabeth Malloy, PhD; Yasha Gharmarian, MS; Joanne Guthrie, PhD, RD; Lisa Mancino, PhD

Survey of Principals Regarding Perceived Benefits and Barriersof School Gardens Purpose/Objectives
The purpose of this study was todetermine perceived benefits and barriers of implementing school gardens.

Alicia S. Landry, PhD, RD; Brittany K. Logue, MS, RD

Observed Food Safety Practices in the Summer Food Service ProgramPurpose/Objectives
The purpose of this exploratory, observational study was three-fold: 1) Determine current foodsafety practices at Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sites; 2) Identify types of food servedat the sites and collect associated temperatures; and 3) Establish recommendations for foodsafety training in the SFSP.

Emily Vaterlaus Patten, PhD, RDN, CD; Michelle Alcorn, MS; Tracee Watkins, MBA; Kerri Cole, BS; Paola Paez, PhD


Impact of a Farm Stand on Fruit and Vegetable Preferences, Self-Efficacy, and Availability at Home Among Students From a Low-Income School --
Xotchil Medina, MS; Joan Giampaoli, PhD, RDN; Keiko Goto, PhD; Shelley Hart, PhD


Does Tasting Local Sweet Potatoes Increase the Likelihood of Selection by High School Students? Purpose/Objectives
Schools are offering more fruits and vegetables; yet consumption of fruits and vegetables amongadolescents remains low.

Kelly Bristow, RD, LD; Steven Jenkins, MA; Patrick Kelly, PhD; Mildred Mattfeldt-Beman, PhD, RD, LD

The Team Up for School Nutrition Success Workshop Evaluation Study: Three Month Results Purpose/Objectives
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the Team Up for School Nutrition Success pilotinitiative, conducted by the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN), on meeting the objectives of theindividual action plans created by school food authorities (SFAs) during the workshop.

Karen Weber Cullen, DrPH, RD; Keith Rushing, PhD, RD

Using a Problem-Solving/Decision-Making Model for Evaluating School Salad BarsPurpose/Objectives
Evaluation of school-based activities is a high priority for school personnel. Nutrition activities,such as salad bars (SBs) incorporated into school lunchrooms, may increase children’sconsumption of low-energy, high fiber diets.

Carolyn C. Johnson, PhD; Lori Andersen Spruance, PhD; Keelia O’Malley, MPH; Maya Begalieva, MD; Leann Myers, PhD


Summary of USDA ResearchPurpose/Objectives
The FNS Research Corner provides a continuing series of summaries of recently completed andcurrent research conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service(FNS) in the area of child nutrition.

Danielle Berman, PhD; Jinee Burdg, MPP, RDN, LDN

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