Root Vegetable Griddle Cake Recipe

As a school nutrition professional, you know that it’s not wise to count on picky kids to love everything you serve. But kids always do love the staples: chicken, burgers and breakfast. Contributing Editor Kelsey Casselbury explores this trend in SN’s November 2018 Food Focus article, “Betting on Breakfast All Day Long.” In the article, Casselbury notes that breakfasts aren’t just for the morning—they’re a throughout-the-day favorite and the recipes in the article illustrate just how versatile your menus can get! Check out, for instance, this online extra: a school-developed recipe that will be a sensation with meat-eaters, vegetarians and breakfast aficionados alike.


75 (3-oz. patties)

1 1/2 lbs.        Red beets

2 lbs.              Carrots

1 1/2 lbs.        Purple-top turnips

1 1/2 lbs.        Rutabaga

3 lbs.              Russet potatoes

3 lbs.              Sweet potatoes

1 each            Large onion

3 Tbsps.         Onion powder

1 Tbsp.           Granulated garlic

1 Tbsp.           Paprika

2 Tbsp.           Kosher salt

1 tsp.               Ground black pepper

4 each            Large eggs

1 cup              Cornstarch

As needed     Vegetable oil

  1. Wash and peel the root vegetables.
  2. Using a food processor with the shredding attachment, shred each root vegetable into a large bowl. Depending on the water content in the root vegetable, some liquid should be drained off. Mix well.
  3. Add spices, eggs and cornstarch. Mix well, then let sit for 30 minutes. The mixture should be moist but able to hold a form.
  4. Form into a flat round cake that’s about 3 ounces in weight.
  5. Heat a grill, add a light coating of vegetable oil and grill until golden brown.
  6. Place on sheet pan and finish in a 350°F convection oven for 10 minutes.

Recipe: Craig Locarno, Aladdin Food Service Director, Barre City (Vt.) Schools

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