U.S. map made up of different food and cooking symbols

Tour the U.S. With a Look at 7 Unique and Unusual Regional Foods

Cultures and customs vary widely across the United States—and that means food does, too! It is, after all, an important aspect of culture, which can vary dramatically across regions, states…

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A bowl of sliced cucumbers

Ingredients for Health: Cucumbers

English, Persian, kirby and lemon—did you realize that the common cucumber came in different varieties? If you want to get scientific, technically cucumbers are fruits (by their botanical definition), but…

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For the Kid Within

If you have fond memories of eating Campbell’s canned SpaghettiOs® in your youth, but find the flavor way too mild for your adult palate, get ready to feed your inner…

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Blue male symbol, pink female symbol and purple nonbinary/gender non-conforming/unspecified gender symbol

Gender Identity. Cafeteria Equity.

I have three children: a 20-year-old son, a 17-year-old middle child and a 15-year-old daughter. Why don’t I assign a gender to my middle child? Because they identify as non-binary.…

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A group of six people ranging in age sitting around a table and eating together

Fare Share

While it seems that most conversations about the generations emphasize profound differences between them, a new national survey finds some common ground among Baby Boomers and Gen Z when it…

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Capitol Building

Washington Round Up

It’s been a busy spring in the nation’s capital for advocates of child nutrition programs. Hard on the heels of USDA’s February announcement of a proposed final rule establishing new,…

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Person leaning out of a car on the side of the road to look at a map

Pack Car-friendly, Veggie-centric Snacks

Warmer weather, longer days and more sun—summer is almost here! As schools close and the season begins, long road trips are in store for many. Maybe you’re headed to a…

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Young, professional Black woman leading a group discussion

Great Leaders Can Say “I Don’t Know”

When you’re in a leadership position, saying “I don’t know” might feel like a dangerous misstep that undermines your credibility and your authority. Whether you’re leading a work team, a…

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FRAC Reports School Meal Participation Increase Due to Free School Meal Waivers

Thanks to the free school meal waivers made available through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, participation in school meals programs surpassed pre-pandemic levels during SY2021-22, according to a report…

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Study Reveals Healthy School Lunches Reduce Childhood Obesity

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) of 2010 changed school nutrition standards significantly, and a recently published study reveals it likely helped reduce childhood obesity nationwide. The 15-year study, published…

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