A mix of foods from different cuisines and cultures

Embrace Cultural Diversity Through Food

School nutrition is a natural area to promote cultural diversity. In a profession where food takes a front seat, inviting staff and families to share favorite foods is a great way to help them feel more comfortable embracing, expressing and sharing their cultural traditions.

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Whole and sliced dragon fruit on a blue background

Ingredients for Health: Dragon Fruit

What’s pink, green, spiky and delicious? Dragon fruit! This unique fruit has skyrocketed in popularity; discover how to prepare it, nutrition information, recipes and more.

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Man grabbing cheese from the cheese section in a grocery store

Grate Advice for Storing Cheese

If cheese is one of your food passions, you should know how to store it properly! Hard, soft and crumbled cheeses all require different approaches to storage; hear from cheese experts to learn how to make sure all your cheese stays fresh.

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Rainbow candy on a yellow background

I See Your True Colors

Color additives have been used for generations to alter a food’s appearance and improve its palatability. But some health advocates have taken aim at the entire category of color additives used in food, even those from natural sources: Let’s sort out the facts from the fiction.

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Two women eating hot coleslaw at the Hot Slaw Festival in Cleveland, Tennessee

Slaw in the Spotlight

Most states in the nation have one or more officially designated foods (or vegetables, desserts, fruits, snacks) and one Tennessee legislator is looking to crown Hot Coleslaw the latest state favorite.

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MSG Makes New Moves

MSG is entering a fresh chapter in flavor development after being sidelined for decades, thanks to new research disproving myths of health issues and sensitivities and contemporary champions who embrace its umami-boosting properties.

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"mushroom Monday"

Propelling the ’Shroom Boom

Simple, flavorful and oh-so-versatile, mushrooms are popping up on more and more restaurant, home—and school—menus. For schools already participating in Meatless Monday initiatives, Mushroom Monday provides an excellent means of expanding your menu offerings.

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Portrait of cheerful mixed age range multiethnic women

Redefining “Work Appropriate” Appearance Expectations

Personal appearance—clothing, accessories, hair color and style, tattoos, piercings, cosmetics, etc.—has long been a major factor in how an individual is treated in the workplace—here’s how to ensure your expectations of “work appropriate” are inclusive to all employees.

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Raw fillet of salmon with sea salt, lemon and pepper on black stone background.

Ingredients for Health: Salmon

Coming right after shrimp, salmon is the second most popular seafood (and the most popular fish species) in the U.S., according to the National Fisheries Institute. Between its long list of health benefits and versatility in the kitchen, it’s clear why salmon swims ahead of its fishy competition.

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Woman doing squats

Got Squat?

Want to get the most out of your new year’s fitness resolutions? Instead of pledging to make trips to the gym or pool or even taking a walk (it’s cold out there in January!), focus on daily squats.

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