A group of five cows looking at the camera

Do Right Dairy

Discover some of the dairy industry’s inventive approaches to sustainability and reducing negative impacts on the environment and climate change.

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The words "Food Allergy" with common food allergens in the background

Food Allergies: Spotting the Symptoms

Do you and your cafeteria staff know what to do during an allergic reaction? Learn about food allergy reaction symptoms and what to do if a reaction happens so you can keep your students safe.

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Sliced sweet potato on a wooden cutting board

Ingredients for Health: Sweet Potatoes

Everything you need to know about sweet potatoes, including nutrition facts, health benefits, recipes, preparation methods and fun facts!

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Person using a phone with a graphic of a cartoon AI robot saying "Hello! How can I assist you today?"

What’s the Big Deal About ChatGPT?

Learn more about the popular AI ChatGPT, and discover how AI can be used to make your work and your school nutrition program more efficient.

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World map made up of diverse peoples' silhouettes

When Local Means Global

With a growing immigrant population, what was once considered “ethnic food” in the U.S. has now become part of the American diet—and part of school menus!

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A person's hand holding a clear crystal ball with grass in the background

‘Tis the Season: Food Forecasts

Whole Foods Market is first out of the gate with predictions for the hottest food trends consumers can expect in 2024—stay tuned for other predictions in the coming weeks.

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Pepperoni pizza inside a red pizza box, promotional graphic for Domino's "Emergency Pizza" program

“Crisis” Management

When life gets overwhelming, indulging in a comfort food favorite can be an effective way to manage stress. Enter: Domino’s new Emergency Pizza Program!

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Census Bureau Report Shows Rising U.S. Poverty Rates

Poverty rates in the U.S. rose by 60% from 2021 to 2022, but school lunch programs are still successful in helping to remove people from poverty.

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Popcorn bucket with popcorn spilling out

Ingredients for Health: Popcorn

“Pop” quiz: With 1.2 billion pounds consumed by Americans every year, what is the most popular snack food (by volume) in the U.S.? It’s popcorn! As a healthy, whole grain, and extremely versatile and easy-to-prepare snack, here’s why popcorn definitely deserves its place at the top.

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Hands taking slices of pizza

Influencing Is “In”

What exactly is a “Pizza Influencer,” and how could you put a spin on the influencer trend to market your school meals program?

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