On a USDA-hosted webinar for state agencies, the USDA announced that after taking into consideration top priorities shared by state agencies and program operators, it has identified options for a path forward for the transition back to normal operations this summer when pandemic-related waivers expire. Even though the USDA does not have nationwide waiver authority, states and sponsors can still submit individual waiver requests, as needed, through USDA’s 12(l) authority, using the process described in SP 15-2018 CACFP 12-2018 SFSP 05-2018, Child Nutrition Program Waiver Request Guidance and Protocol- Revised, May 24, 2018.

  • USDA has developed a streamlined approach through which state agencies will be able to request all the available waivers through one combined waiver request.

State agencies can download a USDA-approved waiver application template to expedite the review and approval process.

If a state agency wishes to request waiving a regulation that is not included in the checklist, you must submit those requests separately. Waivers not included in the checklist are considered novel and not included in this streamlined process.

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