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The polls are now open in the SNA national leadership election! Before you cast your vote, we encourage you to check out the election page on the SNA website and learn more about the candidates. Candidates are running for positions on the Board of Directors and the Leadership Development Committee and voting is open through February 29.


Vote Now!


How to Vote:

To be eligible to vote, you must have an active membership or membership-in-grace as of January 31, 2024. Before you vote, please ensure you have an active username and login for the SNA website. Your username is the email address where you received this email.

  1. Before you vote: If you are an SNA member and have not set up your username and password to log in to the SNA website, click on Member Login in the upper right corner of the SNA Website and go through the process of creating a new account. If you don’t remember your username and/or password, click “forgot password” to reset it.
  2. To access the secure online voting site, visit the SNA website and click the “Vote Now” button. You will first be prompted to log in using your SNA username and password. Once logged in, you will be directed to the voting site where you’ll access the ballot which will contain the candidates for whom you can vote and instructions for voting.
  3. After you have voted within each category, you will select “Continue,” and see a page where you can review your choices. From there you can either select “Edit Ballot” to make a change or “Submit Ballot” to submit your choices.
  4. After the ballot is submitted, you will see a “Thank you” page. Congratulations, you have finished voting.

Questions? Use the election email address, to contact SNA staff if you have any questions.

Please remember that SNA Election voting is an important opportunity to shape the future of the School Nutrition Association.

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