Attention, SNA members! The highly anticipated 2023-24 Promotion Calendar is finally here, and it’s designed to take your school meal program promotions to a whole new level of fun and appeal. Sponsored by Conagra Foodservice and presented by the School Nutrition magazine, this calendar is bursting with fantastic events, commemorations, and celebration ideas that will transform your school’s dining experience.

This free digital publication can help take your school meal program promotions to a whole new level of excitement and appeal with an extensive listing of fun holidays and momentous events to inspire you to celebrate in the cafeteria. You might want to debut a new themed menu item on a food holiday, or you could set up a decorative cafeteria display to honor the birthday of an important historic figure.

However you choose to celebrate, be sure to share with SNA by emailing your photos to or tagging the Association on social media. You might be featured in School Nutrition magazine or on SNA’s social media channels!

What’s in store for you? Each month, you’ll discover an array of captivating activities, including:

  1. Month-long events: These are month-long extravaganzas that will immerse your students in delightful themes and flavors. From celebrating the Better Breakfast Month in September to indulging in National Apple Month during October, every month brings something unique and exciting.
  2. Week-long/multi-day events: Prepare for a week full of surprises and engagement with these dynamic events. Whether it’s the National Pancake Week in February, or the National Food Allergy Awareness Week in May, these celebrations will leave a lasting impression.
  3. Single-day events: Fast and fun, these single-day extravaganzas pack a punch. Mark your calendars for National Burrito Day in June, a day devoted to enjoying an abundance of mouthwatering burritos, or the National Watermelon Day in August, a watermelon celebration to kick off the school year with a bang!
  4. Notable birthdays and anniversaries: You’ll also find a curated list of notable birthdays and anniversaries to keep the excitement going throughout the year, such as Mickey Mouse’s birthday in November or J.R.R. Tolkien’s birthday in January.
  5. New for 2023-24! K-12 recipes: Accompanying each month of the event, there’s a fantastic recipe featuring one of the month-long events. This recipe will give you an idea of a delectable way to showcase the theme in your cafeteria.

Kick-start an unforgettable school year with the 2023-24 Promotion Calendar! Unleash your creativity and tailor these events to perfectly match your school’s unique culture and preferences. Let your imagination run wild, and together, we’ll embark on a journey to make this year a delicious adventure for everyone involved.

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