Flash Cards: A Perfect Complement to SNS Credentialing Study Materials 

Are you preparing for the SNS Exam and looking for a powerful study tool to complement your existing study materials? Look no further than SNA’s SNS Prep Flash Cards! These comprehensive flash cards are designed to enhance your study experience and boost your confidence as you prepare for the exam. 

SNA’s SNS Prep Flash Cards cover pertinent terms and formulas that SNS Credentialed candidates need to know for the exam. They are expertly crafted to align with the SNS Credentialing Exam Study Guide and the School Food & Nutrition Service Management for the 21st Century, 6th edition textbook. By using these flash cards in conjunction with these study materials, you ensure a well-rounded approach to mastering all 9 knowledge/content areas of the exam.

What Makes Our Flash Cards Stand Out? 

  • Randomized Learning: The interactive nature of these flash cards allows you to swipe through terms and their definitions in a randomized order. This keeps learning dynamic and reinforces memory more effectively. 
  • Affordable Pricing for Members and Non-Members: At just $49 for SNA members and $79 for non-members, these flash cards are a cost-effective investment in your success. Get an edge over the exam with this valuable supplementary resource! 
  • Unlimited Access: With a one-time purchase through SNA’s Training Zone, you gain unlimited access to the flash cards via desktop and phone!  

Benefits of Using Flash Cards for Learning:  

  • Enhanced Memory Retention: The act of repeatedly reviewing and recalling information helps cement knowledge in your long-term memory. 
  • Bite-Sized Learning: Flash cards present information in small, manageable chunks, making it easier to focus and absorb information efficiently. 
  • Quick Review: Flash cards are perfect for quick review sessions, making them ideal for busy students on the go.  
  • Active Engagement: Interacting with flash cards actively engages your brain, promoting a deeper understanding of the material. 
  • Personalized Learning: You can customize your study sessions by prioritizing certain knowledge/content areas. 

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to boost your SNS Exam preparation with SNA’s SNS Prep Flash Cards. Purchase instantly through SNA’s Training Zone and let these interactive flash cards become your trusty study companion on your journey to becoming an SNS Credentialed professional! 

Please remember, using flash cards and any study materials will not guarantee a passing grade on the exam.  

Questions? Email education@schoolnutrition.org. 


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