SN Plus: Step Into the New Year With IntentionThere is no more compelling milestone than the start of a new year for taking the time to reflect and set fresh intentions for the months ahead. Reflection is a critical tool to help you determine if you are making the most of your time, health, resources and capabilities—and if your goals align with your personal values and long-term aspirations.

“Step Into the New Year With Intention,” a new SN Plus article, offers a variety of exercises to help guide your reflections and set positive and practical intentions that are reinforced by strategies and tactics for action.

Look back to discover significant achievements, hurdles that you overcame, the quality of your relationships and what you’ve learned about yourself. Look ahead to define how you want to feel this time next year, and what you will say yes—and no—to in order to make it happen. By answering reflective questions, establishing a word of the year or creating a vision board—or completing all three exercises—you will set yourself up for a satisfying year.

This digital bonus article from School Nutrition magazine is sure to resonate with school nutrition professionals at all levels. Sharing is caring, so be sure to send the “Step Into the New Year With Intention” link to all of your team members.

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