Cover of the SN Plus article "From 'Help Wanted' to 'Talent Found'"When it comes to filling vacant positions in your school, it’s important to explore all avenues for recruiting new talented members for your team. There’s one highly effective recruitment method you may not have used to its full potential: social media.

“From ‘Help Wanted’ to ‘Talent Found’,” a new SN Plus article, includes a guide on how to develop a successful social media recruitment campaign for your school nutrition program, as well as examples of real “We’re Hiring” posts from other programs’ social media campaigns to inspire you.

Social media can be a valuable tool for your program in a variety of ways, from showcasing your team’s hard work to expanding the reach of your hiring campaigns. Let this article be your guide, and you’ll feel like a social media master in no time!

This digital bonus article from School Nutrition magazine is sure to resonate with school nutrition professionals at all levels. Sharing is caring, so be sure to send the “From ‘Help Wanted’ to ‘Talent Found'” link to all of your team members.

For more strategies and solutions in K-12 foodservice, check out the SN Plus archive in SNA’s online Resource Library.

School Nutrition thanks Conagra Foodservice for its generous support in making this article available.

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