Cover of the SN Plus article, "Collaborate to Innovate."When it comes to identifying and implementing fresh solutions to complex problems, “two (or more) heads are better than one.” But without a thoughtful process for managing group dynamics, you might wind up with a “too-many-cooks-spoil-the-soup” scenario. Highly collaborative and successful teams exhibit several common behaviors that regularly lead to effective meetings and innovative initiatives. These form the Seven Norms of Collaboration, an approach that can be applied in any type of meeting, from a two-day strategic planning retreat to a monthly managers meeting to a weekly staff meeting with your team.

“Collaborate to Innovate,” a new SN Plus article, dives into each of the Seven Norms, exploring how they might be put into action in a school nutrition setting, where teamwork is essential. These practical, common sense behaviors reinforce a spirit of inquiry and respect. From pausing to listen and process thoughtfully to putting ideas on the table to presuming the positive intentions of all participants, the Seven Norms will help you to build a culture that leans on collaboration to create success.

This digital bonus article from School Nutrition magazine is sure to resonate with school nutrition professionals at all levels. Sharing is caring, so be sure to send the “Collaborate to Innovate” link to all of your team members.

For more strategies and solutions in K-12 foodservice, check out the SN Plus archive in SNA’s online Resource Library.

School Nutrition thanks General Mills Foodservice for its generous support in making this article available.

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