Sages insist that necessity is the mother of invention, but we’d argue that it’s just as easily born of a passion for improvement. Day after day, school nutrition professionals ask themselves: How can I make things easier for my amazing staff? What can I do to improve the meals and recipes we offer to our students? How can I make school nutrition an even better, more rewarding career choice?

“A Tale of Two Innovations,” a new SN Plus article, highlights the creative spirit of school nutrition professionals by doing a deep dive into a pair of award-winning initiatives. Discover a collaborative operator-vendor partnership in a metropolitan Atlanta school district that produced a new piece of kitchen equipment with the potential to improve work-smarter efficiencies in districts all across the country. Learn about a greenhouse initiative in a remote Alaskan school system that provides fresh, healthy produce to each of its 415 students all year long. Big and small, these are impactful projects.

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