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Episodes 4 and 5 of SNA’s School Food for Thought podcast are here to give you more insights into running a successful school nutrition program. From exploring non-traditional community partnerships to encouraging a positive workplace culture that helps your team stay passionate about the work they do—these episodes are sure to inspire you.

Episode 4, “Doing More Than the Impossible,” features Chris Burkhardt, SNS, of Cincinnati (Ohio) Public Schools, and Naim Walcott of West Hampton (N.Y.) Unified School District. They discuss how forming mutually beneficial relationships with passionate community partners can be key to advancing your school nutrition program in a post-Covid world. Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the episode:

  • How non-traditional community partnerships can help your program succeed when resources feel stretched thin
  • Strategies for seeking new employees within your community
  • The benefits of maintaining both external and internal partnerships

Tune in to Episode 5, “Creating and Maintaining an Excellent Culture in School Nutrition Staff,” to hear from Doug Massey of Klein Independent School District in Texas and Alisa Roman of Lewiston (Maine) Public Schools about how they’ve built successful and passionate teams by prioritized a healthy workplace culture. You’ll discover how they approach these challenges, and more:

  • Advertising open positions, hiring new staff and retaining new employees once they’re in the door
  • Prioritizing good work-life balance and flexibility as a leader
  • Creating and maintaining a culture of mutual respect and positivity

Listen to both episodes now on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and right here on the SNA website. Don’t forget to head back to our website when you’re done to take a short quiz and earn your SNA CEUs!

“School Food for Thought” is sponsored by General Mills. 

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