School nutrition advocates—get ready for March 3-5 because registration for SNA’s Legislative Action Conference (#LAC24) in Washington, D.C. is open!

This year’s theme, Change. Challenge. Opportunity., sets the tone for a transformative experience, urging professionals to navigate the evolving landscape of school nutrition. The time to act is now! Secure your spot today to be part of this unparalleled experience and contribute to the future of school nutrition.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect at one of SNA’s most highly anticipated and informative conferences:

  • Informative General Sessions: During the first General Session, the SNA Public Policy and Legislation Committee will present key points from the SNA 2024 Position Paper. The second General Session will feature USDA representatives providing essential updates on child nutrition, including research, USDA Foods, school nutrition standards and late-breaking news.
  • Captivating Keynote Speakers: Prepare to be enlightened by the wisdom of two distinguished keynote speakers. To kick off #LAC24 we have David Wasserman, Senior Editor & Election Analyst at The Cook Political Report, who brings a wealth of data-driven analyses on U.S. elections, providing a roadmap for understanding the political landscape. To close out the conference we have Ann Selzer, a pollster with over three decades of expertise, who will delve into the intricate world of election polling, offering insights that transcend the ordinary.
  • Advocate with Hill Visits: An entire day at #LAC24 is dedicated to Hill Visits, providing a unique opportunity to interact directly with U.S. Representatives and Senators on Capitol Hill. Bring your expertise, enthusiasm and compelling stories to make your voice heard and advocate for positive change.
  • An Empowering Pre-Conference Workshop: Elevate your experience by arriving a day early for the three-hour Pre-Conference Workshop, “Empowerment Through Advocacy: A Policy Navigation,” led by Jonathan Gledhill of the Policy Navigation Group. Broaden your advocacy knowledge and skills through valuable insights and interactive exercises, enhancing your ability to be a powerful advocate for school nutrition.

Seize the opportunity to shape the future of school nutrition by registering for #LAC24 today! Visit our #LAC24 webpage to register and embark on a journey that promises knowledge, advocacy and networking.


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