Is your program in need of some new, talented employees? Are you struggling to draw people to the school nutrition industry? School nutrition can be a misunderstood field—many people hear “school nutrition” and think “lunch lady,” but you know it’s so much more than that.

To help make your hiring processes go more smoothly, SNA has created a series of recruitment resources as part of the “Bring More to the Table” Hiring Toolkit, designed to help you promote open staff positions and show others what a career in the diverse field of school nutrition actually looks like.

This new toolkit features resources such as:

  • Social media-ready video posts for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as the option to download the videos to use in the recruitment process.
  • Testimonials from real school nutrition professionals telling their stories—how they got into the school nutrition profession, what they do as a school nutrition professional and what school nutrition means to them—all available as downloadable videos or as pre-made posts to share on social media.
  • The original “Bring More to the Table” recruitment video that debuted at the 2022 Annual National Conference and showcases all the important roles that school nutrition professionals play.

Check out the toolkit and get ready to ramp up your hiring process for the new year!

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