As the newest kid on the ‘better-for-you’ snack block, Mavericks Snacks is excited to partner with the School Nutrition Association! Voted “#1 Healthy School Snack of 2020,” Mavericks makes wholesome and tasty, non-GMO, certified awesome cookies and crackers that come in kid-first flavors (like Birthday Cake and Itza Pizza) without the junk! Their ‘cookiez’ are made with 40% less sugar than the leading natural kid’s cookie, and their ‘crackerz’ are oven baked with 8g of whole grain in every serving. Mavericks is on a mission to fuel kids’ greatness and empower them to want to eat better, celebrating those who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines, ignore the impossible, and believe they can change the world. Follow along on social media @mavericksnacks, and shop their Amazon storefront to order yours today:

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