Volume 45, Issue 2, Fall 2021


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Volume 45, Issue 2, Fall 2021

Editor’s Note

Recognition of Reviewers in 2021

Peer Reviewers for 2021 Purpose/Objectives
One of the most important aspects that makes any peer review journal a success is the quality ofits peer reviewers.


Strong Anti-Shaming Policies Are Not Related To Amount Of Unpaid School Meals Purpose/Objectives
Because of debt, due to unpaid school meal charges, some Local Education Agencies (LEAs)have used shaming tactics as an approach to collection. Several states have advanced legislationor recommended local policies prohibiting this approach.

By Lori Spruance, PhD, CHES; Nhi Tran; Spencer Clason; Abby Nixon; Jordyn Burton; Marti Woolford, MS; Shaelyn Hill; Mark Lavering; Emily Patten, PhD, RDN

Farm To School Program Activities: Food Service Response To The School Health Policies And Practices Survey 2016 Purpose/Objectives
Farm to School (FTS) is a growing program that incorporates food system education, localprocurement, and hands on gardening into school systems nationwide.

By Kathryn Lovy; Marla Reicks, PhD, RDN

Opportunities And Challenges Of Implementing Combination Steam And Convection Ovens In Mississippi School KitchensPurpose/Objectives
The Mississippi Office of Child Nutrition provided a competitive grant program namedStatewide Nutrition Integrity Assessment (NIA) that helped schools obtain combination steamand convection ovens (i.e. combi ovens) as a replacement for traditional deep fryers.

By Yunhee Chang, PhD; Devon Kaiser, MS, RD; Jeffrey Blake Biddy, MS, RD; Lauren Carstens, MS, RD; Amber Wade; Teresa Carithers, PhD, RD, LD, FAND


Use Of Food Rewards In Education: Time To De-Implement This Practice? Purpose/Objectives
Children and adolescents often have poor dietary habits, including consumption of excessenergy-dense foods and beverages (e.g., cheese pizza, sugar-sweetened beverages) andinsufficient consumption of nutrient-dense foods and beverages (e.g., whole grains, fruits,vegetables, fish, dairy).

By Richard Rosenkranz, PhD; Ninette Warner, MS; Linda Yarrow, PhD; Sara Rosenkranz, PhD


Abstracts Of Child Nutrition Showcase Research Posters 2021Purpose/Objectives
The purpose of this study was to identify and prioritize training needs todetermine preferences for training formats, delivery methods, length of training, and the besttime of year for training.

By Submitted by College Section Chair Alicia S. Landry, PhD, RD, LDN, SNS

Institute Of Child Nutrition Applied Research Division Spring 2021 Updates Purpose/Objectives
The Institute of Child Nutrition, Applied Research Division (ICN, ARD), located at TheUniversity of Southern Mississippi, with headquarters at The University of Mississippi, conductsresearch to promote continuous improvements of child nutrition programs. Funding for the ICNis provided through a grant administered by the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA)...

By Marjuyua Lartey, PhD, RD

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