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One of the most important aspects that makes any peer review journal a success is the quality of its peer reviewers. Without a doubt, the reviewers for The Journal of Child Nutrition and Management provide quality contributions that make the Journal a success. The individuals listed below were instrumental in making my transition to editor go smoothly. They willingly responded to requests from me, as well as the former editor, to review manuscripts submitted to the Journal during the 2021 year. The understanding by reviewers of research methodology and operational aspects of child nutrition programs is essential to ensuring articles published in The Journal of Child Nutrition and Management are credible resources of research or evidence to support informed decision-making useful in all aspects of child nutrition.

Please join me in thanking these individuals!


Reviewers whose names are listed in bold agreed to multiple assignments over the year.

Michelle Alcorn
Linette Dodson
Olivia Ford
Lynnelle Grumbles
Lilly Jan
Lauren Landfried
Laurel Lambert
Marjuyua Lartey-Rowser
Rebecca Larson
Whitney Linsenmeyer
Tina Maddox
Anirudh Naig
Paola Paez
Alice Jo Rainville
Joel Reynolds
Carrie Schiedel
Nathan Stokes
Catherine Strohbehn
Noelle Yeo


Dr. Marjuyua Lartey is currently Interim Director of the Institute of Child Nutrition, Applied Research Division at the University of Southern Mississippi. She completed a PhD. in Nutrition and Food Systems at the University of Southern Mississippi as well as her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and dietetic internship to become an R.D. at the same university.

Dr. Lartey’s career encompasses nearly 25 years of teaching, research, and practice in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Most recently, she has spent 12 years conducting research related to youth and Child Nutrition Programs. In addition to research, Dr. Lartey experiences include working on the collegiate level as an instructor and assistant professor as well as serving as a clinical dietitian in a hospital setting.