January/February 2023

You’re Imagining Things (And That’s a Good Thing)

What goals are you aiming to accomplish in the new year? Whatever they are, there’s one tool you already have that you’ll be using every step along the way—your imagination.

Imagination is what you use when you’re coming up with your best ideas and ultimately implementing them. Imagination is how you develop better options for your menu, or how you encourage more students to participate in your program. You rely on imagination to overcome problems like labor and supply shortages. And imagination is what makes special occasions (and the day-to-day) much more fun.

Our coverage this month covers everything you need to know about imagination, including ways anyone (even those of us who swear they aren’t imaginative) can tap into their own creative power.

Log into your SNA account and take a look at our coverage found in the January-February 2023 edition of School Nutrition. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Just Imagine: Yes, you are creative, even if you don’t realize it yet. Everyone tends to be naturally creative; it’s just a matter of figuring out how to tap into that ability and bring your ideas to life.
  • Let Your Imagination Take Flight: Sometimes, being creative isn’t so easy. Get the practical steps you need to follow so you can actually use your imagination when you really don’t feel like it (or think you can’t).
  • Imagi-FAME-tion in Action: We caught up with the four recipients of this year’s FAME Awards to find out what it means to be creative and how they use their imaginations to move their programs forward.
  • Perfect Pitch: Sharing your ideas can be daunting, so learn how to improve your pitching skills and present your ideas to even the most cynical naysayer.
  • From “What if?” to “WOW!”: Shannon Ebron shares her creativity-driven journey to self-publish Check-in & Color, which has resonated with so many of her school nutrition peers in a way she never expected.
  • Food Focus: The Thrill of the Grill: Get creative with your sandwich-making skills by exploring all the options out there, from what type of bread you use to all the extras you like to add.

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