Video: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Join School Nutrition magazine’s consulting chef, Rebecca Polson, CC, SNS, to learn how to make a favorite beverage for high-schoolers: Pumpkin Spice Lattes! This upgraded version uses real pumpkin and…

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Pumpkin World Records

In “A Pumpkin Primer,” published in School Nutrition’s August/September 2022 issue, author Kristin Fletcher compiles a plethora of fun facts to help school nutrition professionals “carve out” activities to engage students…

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How Corn Conquered the World: A TED Talk from Chris A. Kniesly

In “The Cob Chronicles,” published in the June/July 2021 issue of School Nutrition, writer Kelsey Casselbury looked at the prevalence of corn production in the United States. Despite the demand…

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Hands taking slices of pizza

All About Pizza Styles

In “Eatsa Pizza,” featured in School Nutrition’s January/February 2022 issue, author Kelsey Casselbury explores a number of trends that influence pizza’s dominating role in school meal programs—and in American food…

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Latina smiling in front of dish rack in a commercial kitchen

Latinos in the Workforce

In SN’s September 2021 issue, SNA Staff Vice President of Marketing and Communications Danielle Duran Baron wrote on the importance of creating a culture of “belonging” in managing diversity, equity and…

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The word racism highlighted in pink in the dictionary

Everyday Phrases Rooted in Racism

It can be jarring to learn that language you’ve used—never with the intent of offending—has a repugnant history. It’s time to let go of certain phrases and expressions in an…

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The word "respect" surrounded by multicolored paper cutouts of people

Unmasking Microaggressions: Resources

If you’ve embarked on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training for your staff, include a focus on microaggressions in the workplace. Once you’ve read “Unmasking Microaggressions” in the September 2021 issue of School…

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Aging Equipment: Keep or Replace?

In “(Stainless) Steel Going Strong” (April 2021), a number of school nutrition operators shared hints and tips related to improving the school kitchen equipment management process…. Sign Into Your SNA…

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A hand taking a jar of pickles off the grocery store shelf

What a Pickle!

Not every pickled cucumber is prepared the same way. Here’s a quick and easy way to decode the descriptions you see on the labels: Dill Pickles. The most popular type…

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More Meal Kit Mastery in Minneapolis

In its October 2020 issue, School Nutrition spotlighted district school meal programs that were turning the lemons of curbside meal service into the most delicious lemonade by finding inventive ways to transform…

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