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In This Issue

This issue of the JCNM has one Research Brief article. In this article, Prendergast et al. evaluated the nutritional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on parent’s perceptions of school nutrition (SN) assistance programs and overall participation in SN assistance programs. The authors found no significant changes in participation associated with COVID-19, however, as a result of COVID-19 many parents now perceive these programs as more important.

In this issue, JCNM has three Research in Action articles. In the first article, Spruance et al. examined differences in parental perception relative to the NSLP and the SBP in rural areas. The authors found that most parents perceived school lunch more positively than school breakfast. In the second article Rainville and Rushing updated a research-based Competencies, Knowledge, and Skills resource for SN Assistants/Technicians that supports SN directors and managers in interviewing, training, mentoring, and evaluating SN staff. The resource includes customizable online tools including a job description template, job interview template, individual mentoring plan form for use by SN managers, and competency-based performance appraisal. In the third article, Kellogg et al. evaluated the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of teachers and schools’ preparedness for food-allergic anaphylaxis. The authors found that most teachers reported not having food allergy worksite training and most teachers’ knowledge pertaining to perceptions of treatment and use of healthcare ranked weakest.

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